Listening on your mobile

Internet radio continues to grow and more of us are now listening on our mobiles so here’s a handy hint for Android users to get the best experience when listening to Radio Pod on the go!

Step 1

Download the TuneIn app from the Play Store


Step 2

Press and hold an empty space on your home screen to bring up your widgets


Step 3

Swipe till you find TuneIn and decide which widget style you would like


Step 4

Press and hold the widget and then drag it to the area of your home screen of your choice



That’s it!  Every time you want to listen to us just press the play button on your home screen.

NB: The TuneIn widget will only play the last station that you listened to so you will need to search for us when you use it for the first time (in the full app mode)


All the best and happy listening from the team at Radio Pod